Feel free to upload your own sounds to this open source page. Many will enter, few will win.

Single Chime or One Note: Whatever you call them, here they are for your pleasure.

C&O Single Chime from #1488 The 1488 was a 2-6-6-2 H-6 Class locomotive on the C&O railroad.
Logging Chime Whistle Old logging whistle on the Hillcrest Lumber Climax out in Washington State.
Home Made One Note -This is built with a brass bell and a old C&O Powell bowl – so we think. Artie built it.

 Three Chimes: Always smooth
L&N whistle at Cass Scenic Railroad  L&N Passenger whistle, and probably my all time favorite short bell 3 chime. 
Lunkenheimer 5″ B.I.V.
I didn’t know a 5″ diameter 3 chime could sound this good at the time it proved me and the engineer both wrong.

C&O from 4-4-0 Class pre.1900s/ Another One  Who doesn’t love a C&O 3 chime. Shop built and apparently once used on the shops at Clifton Forge after the engine 128 was retired. Some people called it the Sunday whistle because it was used with another larger 3 chime but rarely blown. 
6″ Lunkenheimer
 – Don’t know origin.
B&O LB 3 Chime I caught this whistle on the 734 at the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. Owned by the engineer at that time. Its commonly known as
a “Tumor Top”. There is a raised chamber by way of a special cast top.
6″ Crosby – Cass / Another / And Another 
SB B&O 3 Chime (On Air) – Side Mount
 -We recorded this at Hawks Nest. Wasn’t the best on air, as with any “steam” whistle, but this will do until I get another recording.
B&O 3 Chime on 190psi Steam -This is a great opportunity to hear the sound difference produced with steam and air.
PRR T-1  Mounted upon the ex GTW, OC 6325. Kelly Lynch Homemade 3 chime step top.This is Scott’s chime build by Mike in Fairmont, WV,
it was blown on #125 steam.
Here is a nice recording by Cary Atkinson down at Dollywood
Canadian National 3 Chime
Powell 6″ 3 Chime -Recorded at Cass blow during the annual whistle blow.

Five Chime; Submit your sounds if you have them.
Ohio Central 5 Chime– This came from a video I shot of the last Ohio Central run at Sugar
Great Northern-Mounted on the 765 in Fort Wayne (RY)
Carl Swanson’s 5 Chime -Taken from Bob Swanson’s Whistle Talk 1975. It was recorded off of Comox Shay #16 – as most may know Mr. Swanson was the founding father of NATHAN/Airchime.

Six Chime; The most popular passenger whistle, and the most valued.
C&O 6 Chime 
C&O 6 Chime vs NKP 765  
SP 6 Chime  Special thank to Dave Loyola
Santa Fe 6 Chime
Home Built 6 Chime -This, as you will soon hear, was recorded at Cass. 
Nathan 6 Chime (turned down on lathe.)
 Owned by Artie Barkly
NKP 765’s Whistle (NATHAN)
Mystery 6 Chime
Southern Pacific 6 Chime

Reading 6 Chime


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  1. Does anyone happen to know Who now owns that pre 1900’s C&O three chime?

  2. Would you like to use my audio recordings of UP #844 when she came through Texas? I tried to submit it, but I’m not sure you got it.

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