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For Sale

C&O (Nathan) Top, turned into a bell. $500

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Pennsylvania 3 Chime from K4 as seen on this site. $4000.00

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New York Central 6 Chime, Cast Iron Top, Brass bottom. Marked on Bell. $3000.00


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Lunkenheimer 3 1/2″ Chime No Handle or valve. Valve has been blocked off, but whistle bell and bowl is in great condition. $350.00

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Lunkenheimer 3 Chime, older style with bow tie fulcrum, whistle is in good condition. The valve works, and whistle has been blown on 150lbs of steam. Everything is in good condition for a 100 year old whistle. Ebay has them going all day for $500.00 – my price $475.00


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  1. I need a six-inch Lunkenheimer steam whistle lever handle. I don’t care if it’s a reproduction or if it’s new old stock or if it’s an old lever that still in good condition. Please email me

  2. Please can you contact me on my email , I have a couple of whistles that I wNt to sell and need some info


  3. I have a large steam whistle (approx. 18″ tall) and a smaller whistle about 6″ tall) Both are complete with operating levers, the acorn, etc. I can provide photos in a separate e-mail.


  4. i need a four tone steam whistle and a three tone whistle can you help me please and thank you.

    • I have a four toner in great condition and will be selling or trading. Do you have interesting trade material or deal in currency only. I also like partial cash/partial trade. I will be able to show pics after work 2day.


  5. I have several steam whistles for sale from pop-off whistles all the way to 4 foot x 10″ diameter large whistles. I have a collection of 24 steam whistles. Email me or call 713-898-7667. Location Texas

    • Brandon Eiland May 4, 2015 at 2:26 am

      Hi Bob,
      I run our 1905 model Cretor’s Popcorn Wagon at steam shows and we have a little single whistle that is approx 1″ wide and 4″ tall. We like it because it will run on as little as 15 psi, but it’s a little shrill. Do you have anything small like that in a 3 chime?

    • Hi Bob,

      Can you please send an email of what you have for sale.

      Regards Charles

  6. Have 22 steam whistles for sale, all sizes. Email me or call 713-898-7667. Bob.

  7. Wanting to purchase a Nathan 6-chime whistle, preferably off a West Coast railway, in good to excellent condition.

  8. Hi Bob, I have a small 5hp steam engine running a ba nd saw. Do you have anything that might fit a small steam set-up?

  9. I’m looking for a steam hustle to link into my brewery’s 15psi steam system. Please reach out of you have one to sell me.

  10. I have for sale a Japanese Destroyers Brass steam whistle salvaged in the early 1970s off New Guinea. The destroyer was called the Hatsuyuki and she was sank by American bombers 1n 1943. the whistle is in very good condition and is in working order it measures 2ft 3 and 3/4inches and is 3inches and 3/4 dia and weighs 18lbs. if you google Hatsuyuki it will tell you all about the ship and Japanese depot where the destroyer was sunk.I have the whistle listed on Ebay where you can peruse the whistle’s details.

  11. I have a 8″ dia x 24″ Lunkenheimer
    2.5 x 6 Buckeye for sale

  12. Don’t know what I have..know it’s a whistle..anyone interested?

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