B&O Railroad Whistles


6 Chime in Center is B&O.

b&o  bno2 bnotumor

Rare top valve, tumor top.


3 Chime – Side Mount


3 Chime “Tumor” Top Side Mount



B&O 6 Chime Top

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  1. I just picked up a little Buckeye Brass Co whistle at an auction. I probably paid a little more for it than I should, but I imagine the other bidder had also wanted a steam whistle since he was a kid.

  2. I recently acquired a buckeye 3 chime whistle on ebay. having a bit of trouble with it “overblowing” on 80-100 psi compressed air. not getting any tone at all unless I partially cover the “organ mouth” or the baseplate. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong other than not blowing it with steam?

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