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I buy steam whistles too!

Three Chimes

Probably one of everyone's all time favorite whistle - the three chime offered mellow harmony unmatched by any other. Of course there is that occasional 6 chime that's perfectly tuned, but three chimes with there deep tone and rare squeal pretty much take the cake.

KCS whistle at Cass Scenic Railroad

At first I thought this whistle was home made, but I soon discovered its anything but. Apparently a Kansas City Southern whistle, and probably my all time favorite short bell 3 chime.
  Lunkenheimer 5" B.I.V.

I didn't know a 5" diameter 3 chime could sound this good at the time it proved me and the engineer both wrong.


C&O from 4-4-0 Class pre.1900s
Another One

Who doesn't love a C&O 3 chime. Shop built and apparently once used on the shops at Clifton Forge after the engine 128 was retired. Some people called it the Sunday whistle because it was used with another larger 3 chime but rarely blown.
  6" Lunkenheimer

This is a whistle I traded - came off a mill somewhere down south I think!
B&O LB 3 Chime

I caught this whistle on the 734 at the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. Owned by the engineer at that time. Its commonly known as a "Tumor Top". There is a raised chamber by way of a special cast top.
  6" Crosby - Cass
And Another
SB B&O 3 Chime (On Air) - Side Mount

We recorded this at Hawks Nest. Wasn't the best on air, as with any "steam" whistle, but this will do until I get another recording

B&O 3 Chime on 190psi Steam
This is a great opportunity to hear the sound difference produced with steam and air.

  PRR T-1

Mounted upon the ex GTW, OC 6325. Kelly Lynch
Homemade 3 chime step top.

This is Scott's chime build by Mike in Fairmont, WV, it was blown on #125 steam.

Here is a nice recording by Cary Atkinson down at Dollywood

  Canadian National 3 Chime  
Powell 6" 3 Chime

Recorded at Cass blow during the annual whistle blow.

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